Amsterdam Escort Dinner Date.

Dinner with a beautiful escort in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Escort Dinner Date

Amsterdam Escort Dinner Date

The escort dinner date service involves you and one of our beautiful escorts going out for dinner. Typically these bookings are for a number of hours and can include sex at the end of the dinner if the client so chooses. The aim behind the Amsterdam Escort Dinner Date is to provide our clients with both companionship and intimacy.

Why go on an Escort Dinner Date?

There are many reasons why our clients choose the escort dinner service, generally speaking, customers who want this service are often looking for something that is more akin to a real date, in others words they are not looking for a pornstar experience. Our clients tell us that getting to know the escort before sex provides a much better experience because both client and escort can get to know each other better. In many cases, escorts develop deep bonds with regulars and friends with benefits type relationships form. For many of our customers, the convenience of this type of relationship is perfect for their busy lives.

  • Companionship when you need it
  • Getting to go on dinner dates with beautiful women of all types
  • It can be very convenient for some businessmen
  • Perfect way to practice your dating skills

What to Expect

We hear all the time how surprised our clients were after being on an Amsterdam Escort Dinner Date. We presume most men forget that these girls are not just escorts, but also a woman, who have had interesting lives. Imagine, many of our girls meet on a regular basis with top executives running multinational companies, what this means is they are not intimidated by money and power because they are used to it, which allows them to be far more relaxed and communicative. But concerning expectations, anything goes, remember she is there for you, this is your show, and you set the pace.

  • Escorts are super interesting when they open up
  • They are often more mature for their age due to the company they keep
  • They are in fact real woman, don't forget this

Choosing a Restaurant

Choosing a restaurant for your escort dinner date much easier than you think. Our advice is this, select a restaurant that you feel comfortable with, try not to impress the escort, this is a mistake, they have been to all the fancy restaurants in Amsterdam, so often what is exciting them are places that are more personable and relaxing. Amsterdam has so many eating venues you really won't have a problem finding something that suits your needs. Finally, try and pick a place that is not too far from your hotel, you never know how things are turning out, and you might want to make a quick get-away back to your hotel room.

Commonly asked Questions

  • Will my escort be dressed up for my dinner date?
    This is entirely up to you, be default they dress smart-casual, but we take direction from our clients.

  • Do I need to stay at the restaurant for the duration of the booking?
    No, what you do in your time is up to you, we do however need to know where the girl is at all times for her safety.

  • Can I cut the dinner short and spend the rest of the time in my hotel room with her?
    Yes, if you would prefer to spend most of the time being intimate with your escort this is fine.

  • Is dinner included in your price?
    No, all expenses accrued during you dinner date must be paid by you.

  • If I'm having a good time can I keep the escort longer?
    Yes, you can extend your booking, so long as the escort agrees.

Featured Dinner Date Escorts

These are some of our Amsterdam escorts who provide the Dinner Date service


Youthful Amsterdam escort who is cute as a button


You won't be able to take your eyes off her.


Elegant and sophisticated Amsterdam escort with curves in all the right places


Blonde VIP Amsaterdam Escort with perfect Body

Please look at our escort gallery for more Dinner Date escorts.

Quick One!

If you are thinking of making a Dinner Date booking, consider using our online booking system ahead of time, this will ensure you get the escort you want.

Dinner Date Service Reviews

We have listed a few comments from customers that have used our Dinner Date service.

Profile image of escort shannon

Dexter  Canada
Great dinner date, super interesting girl, very smart indeed, why is she working as an escort ??? Please thank Shannon for me
shannon 5 years ago

Profile image of escort kendal

Ben  South Africa
At the beginning of dinner I was a bit worried but after a few drinks and chatting we clicked and things just kept getting better. Who is the girl on the phone? would love to take her on a date ... such a sexy voice
kendal 5 years ago

Profile image of escort claudia

Des  United States
Thank you for a wonderful recommendation, she was exactly what I was looking for, we had a lovely diner, she's also quite funny.
claudia 5 years ago

Profile image of escort lola

Stewart  United States
Relaxing evening ... you were right to advise me on her, thanks again.
lola 5 years ago

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