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This page provides an overview of the rights of Escorts in Amsterdam. We advise all customers to be familiar with these key points to understand better how things are working in the Netherlands and the escort industry in general.


The Law protects escorts in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, this is in contrast with many other countries which prosecute escorts for illicit services. That being said, escorts are required to be legally registered to work in Amsterdam, failing to do so is illegal. At our agency, we only employ legally registered escorts.


Escorts by law are protected from having their identities exposed, what this means is that great effort is taken to hide escorts true identities even within governmental institutions. As a result, we do not give out any information regarding our girls; this includes things like personal details, photos or any other information regardless of how well the client knows the escort. The escort has approved all information given by the agencies to clients. Additionally, the agencies as a policy do not give out personal details about escorts regardless of whether the escort approves or not; this is for security and safety reasons.


All escorts working in the Netherlands have the right to refuse any services, by law, regardless of the situation. If an escort chooses for any reason to decline, stop or refuse a service her wishes must be respected at all times, failing to do so will result in criminal charges being brought against the customer and or any other individual who may be involved in the situation. Escorts will not take money for services refused as this too would be illegal and a form of extortion.


Escorts are always encouraged to perform safe sex; this is for both their safety and the clients. We are aware that many escorts provide private services that are not sanctioned by the local authorities or our agencies, we do however ask our customers to be respectful and mindful of the potential risks associated with sexual acts that spread STDs and other diseases. If customers and or escorts engage in these activities, we as a company we will not be able to ensure our client's safety and cannot take responsibility for these actions.


Many visitors to Amsterdam assume that because escort services in Amsterdam are legal that any person can legally perform them, this is not true, in fact, to work in the escort industry escorts and agencies are required by law to be registered and licensed to deliver escort services. We as an escort agency are fully licensed and legal to operate as an escort agency in Amsterdam.


By law, any individual who extorts an escort in any way regarding her work can be prosecuted. The penalties have been increasing over the years and will no result in jail time, which as a company we fully support.

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Vgirls is a fully licensed and legal Amsterdam escort agency that provides escort services to both Amsterdam and outlying areas. We offer a multitude of exclusive packages that range from companionship to sexual orientated. All our escorts are legally registered to work in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


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