Rights of our Amsterdam Escorts


By law, all escorts in Amsterdam and the Netherlands have the right to refuse sexual services. No escort can be forced into doing anything that she is not comfortable with. It should be noted that before our booking clients will be informed as to the services that each escort provides to avoid situations where escorts are not providing the desired services.


We ask all customers to please be respectful towards our girls. Customers who are polite and well mannered always receive the best service, this goes without saying. Escorts who treated poorly reserve the right to leave the company of the customer, in fact, as a company we encourage our girls not to tolerate hostile and rude behavior, we would rather not have a person's business who cannot be respectful.


All escorts are required to practice safe sex; this is for both escort and customers safety. If an escort is placed into an environment where her safety or security is compromised, it is our policy to refuse or terminate the bookings either before or during. Escorts reserved the right to refuse sexual service when the client has any condition that could compromise her safety.


Payment must always be made prior to any sexual acts, this will either be done directly to the agency or the escort. Once a payment has been made there will be no refunds unless the escort refuses a service for any reason, in which case the service price will be returned to the customer. Customers should always discuss prices and services prior to payment to avoid any complications. Customers who pay for services and change their minds about the service during a booking do so at their expense, meaning no refunds will be approved after initial payment.


Prices cannot be negotiated with the escort at the booking. All negotiations must be made with the agency prior to the booking; this is to avoid clients changing prices once the escort has arrived. Additional services requested by the client during a reservation can be negotiated with the agencies, for example, cheaper hourly rates for extended hours.


All customers have the right to refuse an escort within the first 2 minutes of a meeting. During this period no money must be exchanged, and no sexual or services may be performed. Once a customer has accepted the escort, via payment, the option to refuse her is withdrawn. The customer can, of course, ask the escort to leave but no refund will be made under these circumstances.

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Vgirls is a fully licensed and legal Amsterdam escort agency that provides escort services to both Amsterdam and outlying areas. We offer a multitude of exclusive packages that range from companionship to sexual orientated. All our escorts are legally registered to work in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


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