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Firstly allows us to say welcome to our website and we hope you find what you are looking for. Vgirls is one of Amsterdam's newest escort agencies who is coming with fresh ideas and improve services. When doing our research, we heard the numerous complaints customers had, and we would like to change that.

We cannot promise that every customer will have the best time of their life ... that would be impossible and also the very promise everyone else has been making - and failing miserably at. Instead, we promise to provide the best service possible; we believe excellent service is the foundation to a successful business in this industry. Let's face it; there are thousands of beautiful escorts in Amsterdam, but if they are not adequately managed and service is poor, beautiful or not beautiful, it doesn't matter.


We are a legal and licensed escort agency in Amsterdam. Many reading this might be surprised to see the words "legal escort agency" - I thought escorts were legal in Amsterdam. Yes and no is the correct answer. Escorting in Amsterdam is permissible but only when performed under legal conditions, in other words, business who sell escort services must be licensed, and escorts performing escort services must be registered, only then is it legal.

The truth is numerous websites, and escorts are offering escort services illegally, and this is a big problem. The illegal trading in sex is a much bigger problem than most people think and these organizations and individuals almost always have some form of criminal background which raises the question, are these girls safe.

So we urge all customers to ensure that take a few seconds to make sure the escort agency they are dealing with is licensed and reputable, failing to do so could be innocent young girls lives in danger.


Our goal is to not only provide a better escort service but also to try and change the industry as a whole. We would like to see the industry run by people who care about their employees and customers; we think this industry should be no different to that of the hotel industry. Currently, the sector is dominated by people who have no concept of standard business practices; ethics, or seemingly anything else ... for companies such as ourselves it feels somewhat like the wild west. Many would say why to bother to make these changes, that's the nature of the business, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, the only reason it is in this state is that it was an illegal trade for so many years, this has resulted in a high percentage of unsavory to criminal individuals and the residue of these people still exist. We hope that in time with strict regulations these individuals will be phased out and replaced by regular business owners.


At the time of writing this, we were not able to find a single escort agency that was in any way helping escorts to secure a better future. In fact, our research showed the exact opposite, that escorts were not even receiving basics that any other company would be obligated to provide. What this ultimate has meant is that more than 90% of all escorts will invariably end up with nothing.

One must consider the facts, take a young girl, plucked before her higher education has begun, give her lots of money with no supervision, what do you get, something similar to the Jackpot winners ... most end up with less than they had before winning millions. Another factor is that during their years of working many individuals will exploit these girls for their money, in fact, research has should that most escorts have been through this and continued to do so.

Our approach is to help our girls get educated, encourage them to study and reach for their dreams, consider their future, help them get the professional advice they need, in general, provide them with the voice that most young people get from their parents.

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Vgirls Amsterdam Escorts
Vgirls is a fully licensed and legal Amsterdam escort agency that provides escort services to both Amsterdam and outlying areas. We offer a multitude of exclusive packages that range from companionship to sexual orientated. All our escorts are legally registered to work in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


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