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Amsterdam Erotic Massage

The Netherlands is renowned for its erotic massages">Amsterdam erotic massages, with the legalization of the sex trade certain services have exploded in popularity the erotic massage is one of them. But what is an erotic massage? In the article, we will cover the main massages currently on offer and provide a summary of what each one encompasses.

1. Nuru Massage

Without a doubt, the Nuru Massage is one of the most popular erotic massages on the market. It originated in Japan and quickly spread throughout the rest of the world. Its unique characteristic is a special gel that allows the masseuse to use her body to glide over the client's body effortlessly. The Nuru Massage is often performed using a soft blow-up mattress which aids in the massage.

  • 100% Erotic Massage
  • Cannot be performed at all locations
  • Comes with Happy Ending
  • Sexually relaxing

2. Tantra Massage

The Tantra Massage has middle eastern influences and is a combination of various erotic massage techniques. The Tantra Massage is performed using sensual oils and is heavily focused on the sexual regions of the body. It has many similarities to the Nuru Massage but is far relaxing. Like the other Amsterdam massages on offer, the Tantra Massage is extremely popular and is performed more frequently than the Nuru Massage due to having less restrictions, as it can be performed anywhere including hotel rooms without any specialized equipment.

  • Top erotic massage
  • Can be performed in any location
  • Happy Ending is included
  • Both sexual and relaxing

4. Four Hands Massage

The 4 Hands Massage has always been known as a premium erotic massage, two masseuses performing an erotic massage at the same time is no standard massage. That being said, besides its perceived opulence it does have unique characteristics which unless experienced can sometimes be overlooked. For one, having four hands on your body creates a sensory overload something that other massages cannot achieve. Then their's the visual effect, no matter which way you look you see a beautiful masseuse making the optics superior and finally, having two masseuses also means your happy ending is both varied and twice as intense.

What makes our Erotic Massages Special?

Many erotic massage services in Amsterdam often have a lot of restrictions associated with their massages, which is fine but can present a problem for customers, especially those seeking additional services. Because our masseuses are legal escorts we can provide extra services should the client so choose, meaning we can offer a complete package with more satisfying results.

Commonly asked Questions

  • Is the masseuse naked?
    Yes, what kind of erotic massage would this be if she was clothed

  • Can I have sex with the masseuse?
    Yes, but at an added costs, consider if you want an escort service

  • Does she bring everything she needs to do the erotic massage?
    Yes, she brings everything required to perform her job

  • Can I touch the masseuse while she is performing the erotic massage
    Yes, as it's an erotic massage she's going to be rubbing her body all over you anyway.

Featured Erotic Massage Escorts

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Erotic Massage Service Reviews

We have listed a few comments from customers that have used our Erotic Massage service.

Profile image of escort remi

Clive B  United States
Thank Remi for a the massage, she was very good, keep up the excellent service
remi 5 years ago

Profile image of escort lola

Craig  Scotland
I know my booking was very last minute and all your massage experts were taken ... but Lola was seriously good, I think you should consider her for massage services, I've had a few in my day and she ranks right up there.
lola 5 years ago

Profile image of escort haylee

Nevil  United States
Great erotic massage, great service as a whole, thank you
haylee 5 years ago

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